Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to the Race Jeff!

*Another one bites the dust*

*Another one bites the dust*

*And another one down and another one down*

*Another one bites the dust*


So, we have a late addition to the HooHaa Travel Bug Race! Jeff, aka TripCyclone joined the fun with his bug Easy Flyer and looks like he's already ahead of one fine cacher, who's name *cough*gunny*cough* won't be mentioned. Because for a travel bug to travel, it at least has to be placed in a cache!

Welcome Jeff! Good luck and I hope you bring much smack talk to the race!

Oh, and by the way.. could I get all of my cacher friends out there to please do a "drop me" dance for the guy who picked up my bug in Myrtle Beach so he'd go ahead and drop it in another cache. Or maybe he's saving it for the motherload of all drops and plans on doing a 1000+ miles all at once.

What? A girl can hope, can't she?


P.J. said...

All that holding and maybe it'll be dropped 1.4 miles away! Oh, wait, that's saved for our Canadian participants! :)

TripCyclone said...

Sure a girl can hope. But when you're so lazy you're asking others to do a "drop me" dance I think asking for a 1000+ mile drop might be out of the question.

By the going to demonstrate what a "drop me" dance looks like? That might help when asking for help with it.

Anonymous said...

Lazy? Me? Hah! Not likely! I do a "drop me" dance every night before logging out of after doing the "stall" hex on everyone else's TB's. I don't really believe in either but what they hay!

And the official "Drop Me" dance goes a little something like this:
Click here to watch

TripCyclone said...

Ummm...I didn't see or hear anything that asked people to drop a bug. No wonder it hasn't been seen in over two weeks.

HeadHardHat said...

Personally I think Gunny is trying to over compensate for something.. That whole "the cache was not big enough to hold my TB racer" thing shows some underlining issues. I persoanlly am finding it very difficult sand bagging at the starting line like this. I'm gunna hafta bust a move here pretty soon. Can't give you guys and gals too much of a lead ;)


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