Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hippie Has Stalled Out Of The Gates

My poor HooHaa Hippie Travel Bug, I had such high hopes for her as she pulled out of the gates just 7 days after placing her, in a strange town, with no one she knows to come get her.

But it looks like she's stalled in the hands of a geocacher. I'm hoping that they are keeping her around for some awesome drop far, far away. However, more realistically maybe I should just be hoping for a hop into a better spot to get moved faster.

On a serious note, is it rude if I email the cacher asking them to push it along?


P.J. said...

I have a few bugs that are in the hands of geocachers. Of course, they are also cachers with not many finds and haven't been caching since they grabbed the bugs -- more than two months ago.

I dropped them a friendly e-mail last night, hoping they'll hop out and place them in a cache -- any cache.

That being said, my bug for the race was picked up Oct. 25 and just placed. I think the "normal" wait time to kind of "push" another cacher to place a bug is like two months, because "things happen," as I was told.

But it's up to you when you e-mail them. I don't think it's rude, but I'd wait sufficient time to do it, but only you can determine what's "sufficient time."

tonka_boy said...

Ok, Just because I'm a nice guy I'll share with you the secret of my success.

When a new person picks up my TB, I immediately email them and thank them for picking it up. I ask them to take care of it, and ask them to drop it in a cache where it will be easily discovered.

It's my TB. I want people to respect it and realize that it's in a race. And I'M WATCHING THEM!!!

It creates a sense of urgency.

Hope that helps.

Just John said...

I've heard that two months is the standard before contacting the holder, and I've heard that two weeks is the norm...I don't think it matters, as long as you're polite.

Anonymous said...

I'd say go ahead. If they've been holding it for more than two weeks, I'd politely ask for an update on it's status. Mask it as wanting to update it's status in the race on your blog.


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