Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Geocats Racer is on a Roll!

Within the last few weeks Geocats Racer seems to be taking quite a lead over the rest of the HooHaa Racers! Congratulations (gritting teeth)!

There are a few racers that are moving, for for the most part most of our travel bugs are taking a vacation for the winter or something. But, its' not who gets the most mileage in the first month, so hey, the race can change! Like, for example, my willing-of-the-mind that I've been doing directed at the cacher who picked up my little Hippie racer may start working soon and maybe, just maybe I'll get one mile under the ole' peace luvin' travel bug after all!

I'll do an update next week with standings, I've got exams this week, planning for thanksgiving and frankly, until my little travel bug starts seeing some action, who the heck am I to trash talk, right?

Haha.. well, even without miles I'll trash talk! I can't help myself!


tonka_boy said...

*basks in glory*

It feels good to be in the lead!

It's all about strategy. After the race is over, I'll let you all in on the secret.

Anonymous said...

The race isn't over yet! :)


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