Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Travel Bug Trash Talkin'

Seriously, I wish I could just post the emails and comments from the awesome racers in the Hoohaa Travel Bug Race because when someone can make me almost fall out of my chair laughing, that's some good stuff right there!

So as it stands:
1st Place:
EMC's Chocolate Chip Cookie, owned by EMC of Northridge has traveled 49 miles for the lead! Seriously, who did she pay off? There's been rumors that she's got his kin-folk moving it for her. That's ok, a family tree can only grow so high!
*also noting that I had to go back and change this because thought EMC was a guy, and turns out she's a girl - so now, the ole' chocolate chip has become my new favorite - besides mine of course! HAH!*

2nd Place:
Champion quilt, from the ringleader himself, softball29 racked up 2 miles and has passed through 2 hands already! Didn't someone tell you it's a race for mileage not how quickly it can be retrieved and dropped?

Discovered or Retrieved:
GoGo T. Urtle from Go Man & Mrs Go has 0 miles but has been discovered! Where will he go?! At least there's hope for this little guy.

Geocats Racer owned by Northwoods Geocache was retrieved from it's first cache, but where o' where will it be traveling to?

Hick's World from the ever trash talking Hick@Heart has been picked up as well with a promise to be dropped off as far as they can! We'll see how far that turns out to be!

Just-A-Nut was dropped by Headhardhat in a cache and is ready to be found! Let's just see how long it takes for some squirl to come and crack this nut!

Not seeing ANY Action!
Gunny's Electric Bug owened by Gunny's Cache hasn't even left the stables! C'mon Gunny! Seems you forgot to put the firing pin on that missel launcher!!

And Last but Not Least.... (hey! it's my blog!)
As for me and my little Peace Luv and Travel Bug, well... she was retrieved from her little hide out in Myrtle Beach and is on her way! I'm hoping to have a good start just to let the other guys know that she may be a hippie at heart but it's time to get down to business!


Just John said...

Why is everyone so eager for me to "launch" my travel bug? Is it because they're oohhing and ahhhhing over a certain individual's bug that MIGHT travel a couple hundred miles in its next trip?

Wake up people; I'm looking at trips in the thousands of miles range!

You'll get your defeat soon enough...

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the shock and awe!

P.J. said...

By the time he releases his bug for "thousands" of miles, it'll be next year and everyone else will already be rolling along. Talk, talk, talk!

Norm said...

Just wait till my dog tag lands. Bragging rights will be all mine!

MyGeocacheNation said...

awww... i missed it!!! i hope you'll have another one pretty soon!


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