Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top Secret Geo-Mission

I am partaking in a top secret geo-mission that has recently become unclassified.

Yes, I'm talking about the lil'HooHaa Geo-challenge!

Basically, the gist of this, besides massive geo-trash talking (yes, I will add geo to the beginning of any word I so choose!), is to release a Travel Bug attached to something on a specified date. In one year's time, whose ever Travel Bug has the most miles wins!

Hmm.. what what do we win?

Who cares! I just want bragging rights that Kiss My Cache totally skunked out some other geo-geeks! (hehe *snort snort* hee)

Ok, the rules are in progress and the date hasn't been set, but I'm gearing up and have got some great ideas for what I'm attaching to the Travel Bug and where I'll release it.

C'mon boys! Let's play!


P.J. said...


Bring it on! I fear nobody with my challenge!

Just John said...

I'll happily watch you fall behind as I'm handily beating P.J. and the rest of the field. Glad to see you joining in the fun though!

HeadHardHat said...

I have to apologize before hand for all the smoke, dust and burning rubber you will be inhaling over the next year. Race starts today... See ya out in the wild!

EMC of Northridge, CA said...

Give up. My cookie is hot out of the oven and will cream you all.


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