Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mission: Cache Spree

As my husband is out playing flag football and my son is sleeping soundly during his afternoon nap, I have put together my plan of attack. I'm choosing six caches in my local area to hit, ones on the main drag that I drive everyday. I know 2 of them are going to be needing extreme stealth, so that's going to be my major challenges.

Targets are:
GC15NYA Hampton Place
GC177WA Reading Tiger
GC1C4JK A Father Son Cache
GCXPAJ Rockin Riddles
GC1DAZB Under 1 Hour
GC10AJJ Heads Up, Lavern! Too

I know for certain GC10AJJ is going to be tough. I already have a DNF logged for this one. Defeat is not an option, today. Be advised, an update will follow tonight with my results. Wish me luck and cache on!

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