Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caching in the Park

What a great evening of geocaching with friends and family. We met our friends FB & Joy, who are expecting their own little bambino, at Century Park because they were interested in geocaching. We brought my son, so this was a perfect setting for him to run around and play with Daddy while I could do a little geocaching 101.

After about 10 minutes of me fiddling with our GPSr, we finally got to hit the trail. I can’t help that I don’t really mess with the eTrex all that much so I wasn’t really familiar with how to get the map to show the way I like it. After getting the cache loaded on the eTrex, I tried to explain what I could without getting too crazy in depth and taking the fun out of it all. I know I do this quite often and I purposely tried not to do it in this case because I think they really would like caching and I didn’t want to be the cause of scaring them off! All of the caches were located right in and around the park which was super convenient and a nice little walk in the park (literally).
First we hit GC1CF1K where my husband (thatscguy) dropped off his Jeep travel bug he had been holding on to. I think this was a great find for my friends, even though I actually found it first – which kind of took away from what I was hoping. I really couldn’t help myself, I just jumped down before I could think “hey let them look first!!”
Next was GC16209 which took a bit longer. Thank god FB is not vertically challenged like the rest of us, his height totally came in handy for this find and he was much braver than I would be to reach in to grab the cache.
GC1A2P5 was our last cache of the day. This one proved to be a great ending as it put us right back around to the side of the park where we parked the cars!

Nothing extremely exciting, but as always fun and challenging finds. I hope Joy and FB go with us again, it was fun to introduce someone to it all and to get a fresh perspective. I really think geocaching is so much more fun with a group rather than alone.


Hexiejoy said...

Loved it! It was an awesome experience!! Thank you for taking us.

cosmiccowgirl said...

I agree with you, caching is so much more fun in a group. I drag all my friends out to do it but it has only "stuck" with a couple of them, and they never log their finds. Crazy. Good stuff there.


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