Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sumter / Manning / Lake Marion Caches

We're heading down to my cousin's lake house at Lake Marion for the weekend, so I've printed out a "wish list" of caches to grab along the way down and while we are there. I'm a little disappointed that there aren't any closer to where my cousin's house is and frankly, if I knew I'd get down there more frequently I'd hide one. I may actually still do it and have my dad do maintenance. But anyway, here's a huge list of the ones I've looked at and may or may not hunt. The list is subject to change depending on my mood, the weather and how much I get into my Dean Koontz book. :)

Some of these are down I-26, some are in Sumter where my parents are and some are heading down to the lake:

GC65F6 Swampfox's Surprise

GC29E1 Worst Housekeeper Ever?
GCJA99 Citizen Soldiers of Puddin Swamp
GCN7TM Traveling to Tommy's Treasures
GCHWG4 Swamp Fox at Ft Watson Mural
GC119GV Le Tour de Swan Lake
GCMA0P I-26 East rest Area @ MM#63
GCKV07 Quasimodo, this sanctuary is for the birds!
GC6B6F ????? Veterans Memorial Park
GCTKPQ Park and Hide
GCZT8X Big D in little C
GC15F19 FountainB: Where B Da Fountain?
GC155EN BallentineBuddies: Hey Bud, Got Cache?

Let's see how many we actually get to!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your list. That Shipwrecked one does look pretty cool. Sometime I'd like to get a cache located on an uninhabited island, but that will have to wait. At least that one looks like it is on land. I've heard stories from some cachers here in Nebraska about caches that are actually anchored in the water. Now THAT would be a unique cache to add to anyone's find list.

Tee said...

Congrats on finding one of mine (Quasimodo...)! Though I now live in the pacific northwest, I used to live in Sumter and hid many of the early hides in that area (most are now archived). You can't go by the find count on my profile; since I moved to caching Mecca (35 miles NW of Seattle), I'm over 100 online logs behind...

Welcome to the addiction. :)


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