Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sumter Finds!

I had quite a long list of caches I was looking to find this past weekend but, unfortunately, I didn't get to them all. However, on the flip side, I did experience one of the absolutely, most awesome cache ever. It will be the first on my SC Top 10 list!

So our first hunt was for GCKV07 and getting to the spot was pretty quick. In fact, this cache is a little special for me as it was hidden about 30 feet away from where my husband and I had once said we'd love to have our wedding ceremony. Instead, we opted for the Sumter Opera House, but it would have been a beautiful spot and has only gotten more and more beautiful as the years have passed. Finding the cache at the spot was more challenging that I thought it would be, but eventually after a 15 minute search or so, my husband landed the find! I grabbed the Just Foolin' Travel Bug to help on it's mission to reach London. I plan on hiding it in a cache here in the Upstate closer to the airport, maybe that will at least get it overseas. The hubby did a quick little trade of trinkets and we started on hunt #2!

The second hunt was for GC119GV, I was expecting to be fun as it was a multi-cache, but little did I know that it would quickly become my most favorite of all time caches! Upon reaching Stage 1, I knew this was going to be challenging yet fun. The clues were neither obvious (even for me who lived in the area previously) nor were they boring. Finding the next two stages proved to be interesting, especially trying to find the Stage 3 coordinates. I must admit that the Stage 3 hide was my favorite, it included a piece of my trade and was ingenious. The final cache was camouflaged seriously well. The are this was in and the tour it took you on is wonderful. It truly is one of those caches that would have been perfect with a packed lunch. To find the coords for each stage, I actually learned things about the area that I would have never taken the time to learn had I not done this and frankly, it's one of those things now, that I will really appreciate.

And.. that's it! We didn't get a chance to go hunting for anything else! It turns out that GCHEQF (the awesome island hide) was going to be an hour boat ride at minimum and it wasn't very feasible for us to do that this weekend. But, we've worked out how to get there faster and paddle our kayaks to the cache site. That is going to be a must find for me!

So, for now, I'll be hunting in the Upstate again for a while. However, in October, I'll be down in the Myrtle Beach area for a week and plan on spending quite a bit of time caching down there. Also, the hubby is going to New Orleans for a week right after that and plans on getting some LA finds under his belt. I won't go into how jealous I am that he gets to go since I've never been, however, all hope isn't lost that I will be joining him. We will see!

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