Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Sumter Caching

I’ll be heading back down to the Sumter, SC area this weekend to spend a little time with the parents and so that gives me another afternoon to hit up some geocaches. Also, my Dad needs a little motivation to get the Race To Myrtle Beach Travel Bug moving again, so maybe I can talk him into going with me or I’ll drop it off in a cache for him on Saturday.

I started looking through some in the area I want to try to do, but there are more on the way that I’d like to hit, especially GCMA0P since it’s on my way, but as I’ll be traveling alone with the kiddo, not sure if that’s going to work out. We will see. I love doing the “on the road” stuff, but without another person to help with the munch-kin, it can be more work than I’d like and considering this one is in a rather busy area, I’d rather not chance it.

So, we will see what I get and what I don’t get. I’ve learned from my last trip not to create such an expansive “wish list” as I usually can only get about 1-3 (depending on if they are multi or not) in within a morning’s time.

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