Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sumter, SC Caches (3)

While visiting my parents in Sumter, SC we decided to get a little geocaching in this afternoon. So, my dad (dinkie-dow) and my husband (thatscguy) and I mapped out 3 caches coINSide, Yo Quero Case-adilla And Scrooged

CoINSide was our first stop, we headed into Dillon Park, parked the car and got on our way. Getting to the general area of the cache was the easy part although I think we took the long way around. It took about 15 minutes or so of searching before my husband found it. I have to say the container for this cache was pretty awesome. It was a PVC pipe about the size of a 24oz can (as the owner described it) wrapped in camo duct tape. The lid screwed on and gave plenty of room for the cache contents. This cache was “coin” related and was filled with foreign coins, so we traded our Korean coin (won) for an Italian coin of some sort. It also held a pampered chef card of a local consultant and another card from a geocaching team from Oregon. This was a very fun cache and a great location.

Our next stop was for Yo Quero Case-adilla This cache was located next to a subdivision that my cousin built and is named after his son. It is a true “park and grab” and I was slightly embarrassed that I was so blind and missed it while staring directly at it. When we opened the cache container we noticed that the bubbles that were stored in it was leaking through the zip lock bag, so in addition to trading out the “whirly helicopter thing” for a Korean coin, we added a guitar pick and a smiley-faced magnet to the cache and replaced it.

Last stop on the trip was Scrooged This one took us a bit because we got lazy and missed the obvious. We hunted and hunted and finally as I went back and researched and area that we were certain it was in but just didn’t find and VIOLA! There it was! I opened it up and handed the log to my dad to sign for us and we saw “thatscguy 6/14/08”, how’d he do that?? Apparently, while my dad and I were searching another spot, he grabbed it just long enough to sign it and re-hide it. We donated a guitar pick and a smiley-faced magnet and called it a day.

Three caches in about 2 hours, I think that’s a pretty good haul! I have another list of caches I’d like to do, maybe one more tomorrow before we head back to the Upstate.

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