Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Find Before Breakfast

This morning I hit the road early before going to breakfast and to the hair salon with my best friend. I set out to find GC17Y97 and GC15F7N. Both fo these are in my neck of the woods, very near my house and on one of my daily routes.

I set out for GC17Y97 first. This is a great spot and depending on the time you go, very low muggles. This was about a 5 minute find, so my confidence got boosted pretty quickly. I have to comment on the cache container. Very clever! I try not to give too many spoilers here because some that read this may intend to find this, but just had to comment on how inventive The Scout Master is with cache containers. Kudos! This is the 3rd (I think) cache of his I've found and all of his containers are very inventive.

A little over a mile south I hit GC15F7N and I knew from the instant my Nuvi told me I arrived that I probably wouldn't look too long in this area at that time. And about 15 minutes later with my eTrex Vista, I decided to head on to breakfast and wait until traffic died down a little bit more before looking again.

I'll be after GC15F7N again soon!!

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Hick@Heart said...

Howdy! I live in the South too. Southern California! Does that count. I found your blog today from..........I clicked a lot. Check your analytics. I like the site. I'll be back.

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